Exchange in England

Exchange with an English student

We had an exchange with English students. My exchange is called Charlie and he is 12 years old. He is pretty small and has a high voice. I'm going to tell you about this exchange.

Day 1 Monday The departure

At day 1 we had to wake up pretty early. I had to wake up at 6:30. The bus departed at 7:45. It was a long trip to England. We had to drive to Calais, then we had to take the boat to Dover and then we had to drive to Kings Langley. When we arrived at the school I met my exchange Charlie. My first impression was: he is very small. His mother picked us up and I met his family.

His family consisted of:

  • Charlie's mother,Natalie
  • Charlie's stepdad, Richard
  • Charlie's little brother, Harry
  • And Charlie himself

His grandma was at his house as well. They had sausages and pasta with dinner. There was also a dessert: a brownie. I gave Charlie's family my presents after the dinner. We talked some more and then we went to bed.

Day 2 Tuesday Mystery of Phasels Wood

We went to the school with the school bus. You had to pay £1.25 per person which I thought was expensive.

We had three lessons at the school:

  • Technic
  • Maths
  • and Science

But first we had an assembly. The teacher checked if everybody was there. After the assembly the lessons began. With the technic lesson we had to draw a maze. The teacher could also talk a bit Dutch.

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