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vik holy-days

We like to be active, and to learn more about nature. And, of course, we like low prices.
At night, we like to go to disco's, cafés, or just relax in the hotel.
We are excited to meet new people and learn about culture. So, we want to have an active holiday, but we also want to relax!NO PARENTS QUARANTEE

Does this sound like you? We are sure it does! You will have a interesting, surprising and a cheap holiday!

How long the trip will last.
The trip is taking 1 week. Now you may think that it's very short. But it isn't. In this week, you won't spend too much money, but you'll have lots of fun! You can go with a group of 4! You can bring all your friends, and if you say you wanna go with another group together, you can! We'll do everything for you! That's easy, isn't it?

Those holidays are in summer. It is warm and there are a lot of things to do. You'll go to Budapest, for two whole days! Of course, Budapest is a beautiful capital. Lake Balaton is located there, Central Europe's largest lake, providing a natural paradise for teenagers for watersports; sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, boating, fishing and a lot of other sports.

This is the hotel you're going to: (If you don't want this hotel, say it in your letter and we'll look for another one, it's free if we search for you, or you can do it yourself)


Hotel Facilities
General Parking (free required), Bar, 24-hour Front Desk, Garden, Non-smoking Rooms, Elevator, Luggage Storage, Breakfast Buffet.

Services Airport Shuttle, Currency Exchange, Car Rental, Fax/Photocopying.

Location City Centre.

Hotel information
Parking near the hotel: +/- 7 EUR per day - please contact the hotel to reserve a parking place.

Pets are NOT allowed

Food & Beverage
Our intimate dining room awaits you with buffet breakfast, the bar provides 24-hour service for those seeking to enjoy a smooth and fun end of a successful day.

Room information
All the rooms are air-conditioned and come with bathroom, TV, telephone, minibar, safe and internet access.

Click and you'll see your room and other information!

Area information
As a guest of Hotel City Inn, Budapest, you will be staying:

- 10 minutes walk from the famous Váci Utca / street (walking street in the heart of Budapest)
- 15 minutes reach of six bridges of the Danube river
- 20 minutes from the Ferihegy International Airport
- 5 minutes from two M3 Metro stops (Ferenc körút and Klinikák)
- 5 minutes from Europe's busiest tram (#4, 6)
- easy reach of Budapest's sights, shopping and entertainment facilities

Travel information
If arriving from Vienna or the Buda side, pass the Petőfi Bridge, proceed forward on to Ferenc Körút, and the hotel is just a few hundred meters away. When landing at the airport, simply take the Airport Minibus Shuttle to the hotel (20 minutes).
Two metro stops (Ferenc Körút and Klinikák) and trams 4,6 are in walking distance, to get to the city center takes ca. 10 minutes.
Important informationExtra bed is available on request based on availability

Accepted credit cards
Visa, Euro/Mastercard.


You'll go from England (London , LCY) to Hungary (Budapest , BUD) by plane at Monday. Look in the table what you have to pay.

Your age Money you have to pay
19 or older € 619.26
15 - 18 € 571.26

In both cases you'll go with KLM and you have to transfer at Amsterdam.

After that, you can go to your hotel (When landing at the airport, simply take the Airport Minibus Shuttle to the hotel (20 minutes).) or you can walk through the city. Do what you like to do!


You can have breakfast in the hotel you've chosen.After that, you can make a cruise on the Lake Balaton:

Balaton Shipping Co.
Address: Krúdy sétány 2. Siófok H-8600
Phone: +36 84/312-144

But, of course, if you mail us or call, we'll call them for you if you want.

The cruise takes you 5 hours (11:00-16:00).
After that you can eat in the restaurant or in your hotel.


You'll go to Budapest for a whole day! You have very nice shops, restaurants and a lot of other nice things over there, also for teenagers. We've found some phone numbers of taxi drivers in Budapest. You can call from your hotel and they will come and drive to Budapest.

Fotaxi 06 80 222-2222 (free green number) or 222-2222, 20 9222-222, 30 9222-222, 70 9222-222
City Taxi 211-1111, 20 9211-111, 30 9211-111, 70 2111-111
Rádiótaxi 377-7777, 20 9777-777, 30 9777-777
Tele 5 Taxi 355-5555, 20 935-5555
6x6 Taxi 266-6666, 466-6666
Volántaxi 433-3322, 20 933-33-22, 30 933-33-22
Taxi 2000 200-0000, 30 2000-000
Buda-Taxi 233-3333, 06 20 9333-333
Est.Taxi 244-4444

You can do what you like in Budapest, and you can eat there or you can eat in the hotel. Most of the time the taxi driver also brings you back, otherwise you'll have to call again.



As we told you, you'll go in summer. The weather is nice, you don't want rain if you make your cruise!



You can see that in March until July the weather becomes better. The rain becomes less in June, so we suggest you to go in June. Of course, you can also go in March or another month if you like. You can also go in winter, but than you can't make the cruise. You can choose it all yourself!

General information

Of course, when you want to book our beautiful holiday, you can send a letter or email with your name, address, phone number, email-address, age, with who you're going to:
Conclusion hungarie is a poor everyone there is poor include b2r

Vik Holy-days
Nicestreet 1
Holiday City


You'll get an package with all the information you need (Free of course) and with all the prices for your age and the group you're going with. Than you can decide whether you'll go or not.

The total costs

Thing you'll do Your age Price in Euro's
Flying to Hungary and back 15-18 571.26
Airport Minibus Shuttle all ages +- 35.00
Hotel (4 nights) all ages 256.00
Balaton cruise (Price depends in which month you'll go) all ages ?
Taxi's to Budapest all ages +- 35.00

Vicky L must do:

Planning Thursday
Planning Friday
Geographical (social, environmental and physical) Information about the places they'll visit (BUDAPEST)

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