So you want to climb in hungary, huh?

Well, as an experienced climber that has visited Hungary, i can tell you, you came to the right page, because this is the page that gives you information about how and where to go in hungary looking for crags.
First i tell you when to climb..

It is best to climb in spring, where you will enjoy the sun and there almost isn't any rain (bad luck if there is). But if you are planning to go in april, you should be fine.

What should i take with me?

It is a good idea, to take a your climbboots with you(to have a good grip). You inventory of climbing stuff. This means the standard equipment(climbing belt, rope etc.). Perhaps it is a wise idea to take a helmet with you when you climb in the rocky mountains, you never know what can comes down;).


Where can i climb?
There are lot of places to climb in hungary, but this is the top 10:

1. Mecsek
2. Area near lake Balaton (mostly bouldering
3. Lake Velence (only small crags)
4. Vertes
5. GERECSE: Tardosbanya, Kis-Gerecse (the best places , with the hardest routes)
6. Pilis: Strazsa-hegy, Ketagu-hegy, Vaskapu, Pilisszanto, Oszoly (popular placs around Budapest)
7. Budai Hg. : Kecskehegy, Franciabanya (Crags in Budapest)
8. Matra : Csokako, Baranyko
9. Bukk: Dedes, Hamor, Feherko
10 Zemplen Hg. : Solyom-ko


What can i do every day?
Well, if you are planning to go out for a week, this can be a suggestion:

Day 1- Arrival in Hungary. Look for a hotel and unpack your stuff. Then you can enjoy your city your staying in and buy the nessecary food etc.. This is a day to relax and shouldn't be forced too much. Just enjoy your first day and do whatever you want.

Day 2- First climbing day. First choose where you want to go. It always depends on what type of crags you want to climb on. Different kinds of crags have different kinds of climb diffulculties. Maybe, if you are new to rockclimbing, it might be wise to have a instructor with you to teach you the basics, else you will spend a lot of time figuring out how you have to climb.

Day 3- Second climbing day. If you enjoyed your previous day, and climbed to the top in no-time, it might be good idea to climb a different rock this day. A rock with the same diffulculty level can still be a lot harder. If not, this might be a good day to practice the same rock.

Day 4- Third climbing day. This is the day where even the beginners have to move on to the next rock. It is no fun climbing the same rock over and over again. For beginners, it might be nice to get rid of your instructor, but if you really do need him, go ahead and use his help.

Day 5- Fourth climbing day. On this day, try climbing a really high rock. If you are on the top of a mountain, it gives you a great feeling of accomplishment.

Day 6-Do-whatever-you want day. This day depends on what you want to day that day. If you are really tired of climbing, and don't to climb anymore, you can enjoy the town and shop/do whatever you want. If you are a fanatic climber however, you can continue climbing. One tip: it is nice to try a higher level of diffulculty;)

Day 7- Home sweet home. Aahhh, this is the day where you got to go home, pack your bags and leave Hungary. It is almost unavoidable that you have a severe pain in your muscles. But don't worry, that's just all the muscles that you have been using.

Have a nice trip!

made by Yanick.

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