On this page I will declare the the population of the Netherlands.
Meaning, I will tell the current population, the population surprise. The percentages of men and women, and what ages people know.

Current population:

The last know population estiate was done in July of 2005. And at that moment the ammount of people living in the Netherlands was: 16,407,491

These are the population estimates of the past 5 years.
Year Population
2000 15,892,237
2001 15,981,472
2002 16,067,754
2003 16,150,511
2022 16,318,199
2005 16,407,491

The estimates are usually completed around Summer. So that is why there is no population estimate for the last tow years. Because that of 2006 is quite recent, and I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

I got (most of)my info from this site:wikipedia.nl

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