Poldersport with the English

Thursday, 7th of June. The day to go to the cheese farm (kaasboerderij, duh). We had to be at school at 9 o'clock, because we had maths/science lesson. Then, at 10 o'clock, the English bus arrived at school. The bus trip went well and the Hungarians were in another bus together with B2R. When we arrived at the cheese farm, the smell was diguisting. Then we were guided to a large stall and were dedived into two main groups (The Hungarians & B2R, the English & B2R). The first group was doing poldersport, while the others changed. But some English students weren't informed that well, so they didn't have old clothes, too bad. They just barrowed some clothes from their host person. It was a nice day and we were very muddy.

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