Je kale moeder met drie hangtieten en een snor

MONDAY 23th of april:
5:00 WAKEY WAKEY, rise and shine.
6:00 WAKEY WAKEY, rise and shine. (deja vu!) I have to hurry now! ok, too late for a shower, double check if i have everything… YES, quick bags in the car (6:10) i'm not gonna make it, i'm not gonna make it……
6:20 I MADE It, i'm at school on time! Ok, bags in the coach, yeah bye dad, ok we can go… but where's Isabelle? Ah, who cares, i'm on time, that's all that matters.
7:30 WTF! we're stopping why?! aaah, stretching our legs, good! lets play on the see-saw for a little while… AUW, it hit my…
8:00 Riding again.. what's Isabelle doing in the bus? i thought she wasn't here.

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