Of course, the most important thing of a country is it's language. The language of holland, called "dutch" affects and is affected by many different languages, across the world. There is a big chance, that you know at least this dutch word: "apartheid". But did you know that the wallstreet in new york, a former dutch colonie, comes from walstraat(shorestreet). The word boat, comes from the dutch boot(pronounced the same). The dutch language has had tremendeous changes throughout the years. First we called learning for a subject "leren" than we called it "stampen" and now it's "blokken". I'm going to try to learn you the basics of dutch.

english dutch
Hey, how are you doing? Hey, hoe gaat het?
Who are you? Wie ben jij/u? (wie is pronounced as we)
I'm called … Ik heet …
Where are you going? Waar ga je heen?
I have to go home. Ik moet naar huis.
Hi/Hello Hoi/hallo
Bye Doei

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