Islam Comparing To Christianity And Hinduism



Most people think Muhammed is the founder of the Muslim religion. It is said that he recieved a message from God (Or Allah as the Muslims call him) and that he was sent to start his own religion.
But the Muslims themselves beleive, that there were many prophets before him. Such as Adam (of Adam and Eve) And Abraham. But they sinned and were punished.
Muhammed was considered the most important of Muslim prophets though.
After the time of Adam and Abraham, the people got different religions. And Muhammed said that Allah needed him to cnvert the people back to the correct monotheistic Muslim religion.

How old is the religion?

Eventhough the Islam already existed before Muhammed became a prophet, he was the one who made it so big. He spread his beliefs among the people, and helped turn it it ito one of the biggest religions of these days. He started doing this around the 7th centurey. S that would be a somewhat 1400 years ago.

In what counties is te religion popular?

The religion originated in North-Africa, so logically that is where it is most popular. Thugh over the centuries, the religion has spread all over the world. But it's not so well known across the ocean, in the Americas. Over there, often only immigrants have the Muslims religion. But that makes sense, because theyt have not been ther for long. The religion will probalably spread and become more popular over there.

Status of women


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