Tourism in Hungary

As with the geographical facts, please add a link to your page from the bottom of this page.

Your 'tourism' assignment is to create a page that will attract interested tourists to sign up for a holiday with you. You already know what type of tourist you want to attract, now you need to tell them what they can expect.

You may like to include the following information:

  • How long the trip will last
  • Where they'll go and what they'll do (an itinerary)
  • Geographical (social, environmental and physical) Information about the places they'll visit
  • Why they should go on your trip
  • The best time of year to go (good excuse for a climate graph. However, since not everyone can read them, you'll need to explain it to them too!)
  • The costs involved.

Don't forget to add photos and maps and make hyperlinks or references to other websites you use for text and images.

I strongly recommend that you start this assignment by looking to see what is already available in other countries for your type of tourist.

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