Hungary Population

Hungarian population: In this site we want to show how the population in Hungary is increasing or decreasing. We want to show this with all kinds of graphs, tables and facts about the population in Hungary. We hope we can learn you something about the country and its people.

Year Population (millions)
2000 10,137,449
2001 10,109,467
2002 10,083,313
2003 10,057,745
2004 10,032,375
2005 10,006,835

Population of Hungary is decreasing every year.
You can notice this from the information that the table shows us.
We also can conclude from this that Hungary is a developed country.
If it wasn't a developed country the birthrate would be much higher.
People get and want less babies, may be because women also
want to work, they have less spare time.
All this reasons cause the population to decrease.

Here you can see the graph of the population in Hungary. It is a graph of a developed country. less babies, and a lot of people between the age of 20 and 70. Although it is a developed country there aren't really a lot of people between the ages of 90 and 100+

Year 2001 2015
Population aged above 65 (percent) 14.7 17.4

This table shows the percentage of the people in hungary who are older than 65 years. As you can see they expect it to increase over the years. That means that there are less children born than there are people dying.

Here you can see the live expectancy of hungary.
2005 (total) - 72.4
2005 (male) - 68.18
2005 (female) - 76.89
As you can see the male live expectancy is lower than the female. That doesn't really mean something because in general females get older then males.

Fertility Rate, children born per woman.
2005 (estimate) - 1.32

Changes on the economy:
In the future we expect the economy to change, much more medicins and helping equipment for eldery people are needed because there is a aging population.
We also expect that the amount of non-economically active will increase.

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