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Hungary is a land-locked country, in middle-Europe. Its neigbour countries are: Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Austria and Slovenia.


Hungary is mostly flat, lower than 200 metres. Only 2% of the country is higher than 300 metres, mostly mountains of 300 metres high. The highest mountain is Mount kékes in the mátra mountains section, northeast of Budapest. Another 50% of the country is flat rolling plains, like little Hungarian plains, transdanubia

Map of the 7 geographical parts of Hungary

1. Great Alföld (Great Alföld)
2. Northern Medium Mountains (Northern Hills)
3. Transdanubian Medium Mountains (Transdanubia)
4. Transdanubian Hills (Transdanubia)
5. Mecsek Mountains (Transdanubia)
6. Little Alföld (Transdanubia)
7. Alpokalja (Transdanubia)


Hungary is divided into three main parts:

Northern Hills: Located in the northwestern part of Hungary. It's size is about 8,000 squared km.
Great Alföld: Covers the half of the country.
Transdanubia: Located in the western part of the country.

This map shows the altitudes and rivers of Hungary.


The river Danube “divides” Hungary into a northern and southern part. This river, the second longest river of Europe, and the only one which runs from west to east.
It runs trough Budapest. Almost one third of the river runs through Hungary.
Hungary has another major river: the Tisza.
Together, the two rivers separate Hungary into three large parts.
Hungary has the greatest lake of Central Europe: Lake Balaton. Its surface is 596 km² It is a famous tourist attraction.
Hungary also has the largest thermal lake in the world. Lake Hévíz, with a surface of 47 km².

One of the waterfalls.

Effects on life

Geographical conditions are important because on high altitude you can't do everything you can do on lower altitudes. the geographical conditions are in that way very important.

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After our visit
Now we are back, and Hungary was like we expected. When we looked outside the plane, you couldn't really see Hungary very good, only Budapest was good visible. And we were even lucky to have clear weather!
The host families were nice, and very helpfully. The Hungarian children were quite like us, but they liked older styles of music. The prices are low for western ideas, but that's because the Hungarian people aren't very rich. Although many Hungarian people borrow money to build a large house, and then they needed all their money to pay back the loan for the house.

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