Hungary Climate

The climate in Hungary is a continental climate. A continental climate is a typical middle-latitude climate.
The hottest months are in July and August. The temperature in Hungary can be 42 degrees Celsius in summer and -29 degrees Celsius in the winter. The average in the summer is around 30 degrees Celsius. In the winter it is from 0 to -15 degrees Celsius.

Hungary has about 2000 sun hours in a year. That is much for a country where it can be very cold. In the winter there is most of the time a lot of snow. In a year falls around 500 to 600 mm precipitation. The amount of precipitation depends on the wind on the Atlantic ocean.

The average temprature is in the summer much higher then in the winter. As you can see in the graph the difference is over 20 degrees Celsius.
The rainfall is very high in the summer. That means in the hot summers there is a lot of rain.
The sun hours are in the summer much more. The sun hours is pritty high for a country where it can be so cold.

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