Hungary A City Break

Weekend city breaks are important for people who just want to get away from their normal live for a long weekend. It is very nice to then just visit a city, stay in a luxury hotel, do some shopping, and just come down from a busy week. It is nice to visit some important places in the history of a city and learn something about their culture. That is what we are going to plan: a nice weekend!
The breaks will be planned in the capital of hungary, Budapest, and we will look where you can sleep, eat breakfast lunch and dinner, which important places you can visit, and what sort of nice things you can do.
The weekend will be 4 days long. From fridaymorning until monday evening. That means that you only need take 2 days of. We will be planning this weekend for partners (2 people).

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A good place to stay would be the Conrinthia Aquincum hotel. It is a hotel with 5 stars. The prices differ from 300 euro per night.
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There are of course a lot of hotels in Budapest. If you want to have a good site you can click here.

Things to do
There are a lot of things to do in Budapest. There are a lot of historian buildings, bridges, and parks. The biggest and most important building that you really have to visite is the parliament.


It is one op the most beautiful parliament building in Europe. They started building it in !885 and it took them almost 20 years to finish it. It is a great design and one of the landmarks of Budapest. The parliament is 268 m long and at the highest point it is 96 m high. On the walls there are statues of the Hungarian monarchs and the most important military commanders


In this picture you can see the buda castle.It is a historian castle of the Hungarian kings in Budapest. Other names for it are Royal Palace and Royal Castle. It is build on the top on the southern tip of the castle next to the old castle district which is famous for its medieval, and 19th century and houses and public buildings.

We made a top 5 of things you need to see in Budapest before you come back home!

1) The Széchenyi Lánchíd, the famous bridge that links Buda to Pest.
2) Go to a concert you want to see in the 19th century Hungarian State Opera House.
3) Take a dip in the outdoor thermal pool at the art nouveau Széchenyi spa.
4) Eat traditional Hungarian food under the vaulted ceilings.
5) Visit St. Stephen’s Basilica, it's such a beautiful building.

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Other things we advise to take a look at:

Margaret Islands
Fisherman’s Bastion
Castle District
Statue Park
Great Synagogue
City Park
Old City Wall
Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

This link gives information about several attractions from above.

Plan for the days
This is a possible plan for the weekend. You can follow this plan and you will have a nice weekend.

Day 1 (Friday):
Morning: Plane leaves
Afternoon: You arrive at budapest and you check in on your hotel
Evening: You can find a restaurant and have dinner. After that you can walk around the city (it is very nice)

Day 2 (Saturday)
Morning: You wake up, have breakfast and pack you baggs.
Afternoon: You can go to the parlaiment. It is very beaufull.
Evening: You can have dinner at a restaurant and you can buy tickets for may be a concent of musical.

Day 3 (Sunday)
Morning: You wake up, have breakfast and maybe walk around your hotel.
Afternoon: You can relax a little bit, do some shopping, wald around the city a little bit.
Evening: You can do some nice things eat dinner.

Day 4 (monday)
Morning: You can have dinner, pack your backs a little bit.
Afternoon: You can go to the Buda castle and after that you have to pack your baggs because you are leaving tonight
Evening: You Leave with the plane.
You can go at any time of the year. It is of course nice if the weather it good and there is not a lot of rain. That is why we would suggest to go in summer or spring.

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