How Animals Are Used And Abused By Humans

How Animals are used and abused by humans

People have been using animals forever. Some say it’s just human behaviour. Others make it an excuse that animals do it too, hunt each other down. Personally, I think we aren’t supposed to use animals, and we’re not even talking about abusing yet. I will some ways of using animals, and some of abusing animals, separated in parts. Under each of the parts is an opinion question. What do you think?

Keeping a pet
Lots of people keep pets. They are friendly and keep you company, but off course, they can’t talk. And if they can talk, it’s not in our language. That’s why we’ll never know if they like to be our pets. And off course there is a big vary in how people treat their pets. But if this is using or abusing will always stay an opinion. Is keeping a pet wrong?

Animal testing
Often cosmetic products are tested on animals first, just to be sure if no-one would get skin problems. And in hospitals, most of the times there is medicine tested on animals. Off course this is not fair for the animals, but people can be saved by the testing if the medicine is good. Did you know that 85 percent of the animals used for testing are rats, mice or rabbits? And that in the United States of America there are between the 17 and 20 million animals used for testing every year? Medicine-testing: wrong?

People mostly use animals for eating. Mostly pigs or cows. Maybe you think this is not wrong if the animals die without a lot of pain, but most of the times, they do suffer. This is why a lot of people become vegetarian. This means that they don’t eat meat at all. There are things you could eat instead with the same stuff in it that you need for your body. Like Soya. But this is a choice, most of the people still eat meat, I think it is very sad. But what do you think? Slaughtering animals for food: cruel or necessary?

Animals for clothes
Animals are often (ab)used for their fur or skin. They serve as cloths or carpets. Sometimes the skin of already dead animals is used. If not used for that it would’ve been thrown away. But often, the animals are killed for their skin. I don’t think that’s acceptable. Logical or cruel?

When people go to another country, they often bring souvenirs, but sometimes, those are very wrong. For example: ivory. Most of the times, the elephants are killed for their teeth. Or a tiger skin. And Coral. Every year, tons of coral is smuggled, the sea is getting empty. And it takes many years before the coral is grown back. Is this nice for in the living-room or should it stay in the sea?

Animal cruelty
We all know this is a serious form of abusing animals. Animals are beaten, kicked and quite often they even have to fight against each other! People who do this, can be sent to jail or have to pay. This subject is so totally wrong that it doesn’t even acquires a question!

So. My conclusion is that in general, people are not nice to animals and they are not equally treated as humans. But we all knew that already, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be a vegetarian. I hope this is enough, it is not two pages, but it is typed and that is smaller than handwriting. Off course there are other ways a animal is used or abused, but we only have one day for this and I’m very tired and I still have to learn for a test tomorrow, even have to make my maths. So I’m going to stop now. I hope this was worth reading.

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