This part is about the History of Hungary.
It is of the 20th century.

1918 This was the end of World War I. They lost a lot of people, and a lot of land.
1919 There was a brief but bloody communist dictatorship. And than they were ruled for 25 years by Adm. Adm. Miklos Horthy.
1930 The country became allied with the Germans because they wanted to gain back land and not just like in the 1st world war loose so much people and land.
1932 Hungary gets some land back.
1940They fought for the Germans in World War II.
1944 Hungary brought nearly 440000 Jews in more than 145 train to (mostly) Auschwitz. A lot of Hungarian people were also executed by the Arrow Cross Party, for sheltering Jews.
1945 There came a professional government and Hungary became part of the Soviet Union. And they came under control of the Russians. The ruler was Stalin.
1956 The revolution was against the communist government, because they were bad. First just some people started it, but than more and more people joined. The Soviet Union didn’t had any control anymore. But Russia sent the Nagy army, they took control of Budapest, with a lot of tanks and they killed thousands of people. More than 200000 people became refugees
1960 After the revolution, the people in Hungary were very happy. Because the bad government was gone.
1980 Hungary became a democracy.
1989 The Russians withdraw their armies from Hungary, And Mátyás Szürös made Hungary a republic, and he became the president, so they became independent.
1990 They were no part anymore of the Soviet Union.
1991 They became closer with Western Europe, and joined the Visegrad Group.
1999 Hungary joined NATO.
2004They became part of the European Union.

After 1914 Hungary fought with Austria in the First world war. They lost about 2/3 of all their land. In the chaos Mihály Károlyi said Hungary was an independent country. In 1914 Hungary was in war with the Soviet Union. On 18 March 1944 Hitler came in the country and found more than 40.000 jews and brought them to auschwitz. In 1945 the Soviet Union took control in Hungary, under lead of Stalin.


23 October 1956, a complete chaos went on, when a few thousand students were protesting against the communists. They yelled things like: Russians back to Russia! A lot of inhabitants joined the students. Everything that had something to do with the government was destroyed. Even the statue of Stalin was destroyed.


There were also people who were against the protest of course. They called the people who protested were enemies from their people. Trying to destroy their band with the wealthy soviet-union. The government called the soviet-union to help them. Mean while all the prisoners were free from the prison. There was a lot of fighting and it has cost thousands of people their lives, and 150.000 Hungarians had scattered.

In 1989 became independent. The Soviet Union left Hungary. They had their elections in 1990. Then they made two leaderships. In 1999 they joined the NATO and in 2004 the European Union.

Nowadays Hungary is independent and it is a nice country with mountains. It is now famous for warm water resources. We are going on exchange with children from hungary, for a school project. We really looking forward to it.


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