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1. Who is the founder of Hinduism?
The hinduism hasn't got a founder. It just excisted from other believes and traditions.

2. How old is the religion?
Hinduisme is aproximetly 7000 years old. The Hinduisme is the largest religion after Christianity and Islam.

3. Which countries are very high populated with Hindu's?
Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia are countries with a large Hindu population.

4. What is the status of woman?
The woman and man are equal in Hinduism.

5. What is the status of worship?

The Hinduism is a religion that begun on the Indian subcontinent.
It has no known founder, it is a religion that is consisted out diverse beliefs and traditions. The Hinduism is the world's oldest extant religion, and has approximately a billion adherents, of which about 890 million live in India. The Hinduism is the world's largest religion after Christianity and Islam. Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia are countries with a large Hindu population.


The Hinduism of the the Samhitas looked on the material world as understandable and controllable. It was in the material world that the gods gave to humans and the gods could be controlled through hymns, prayers, rituals, and sacrifices. But the Hindus began to think of the world as illusion. Reality was rather to be sought in the unchanging and unitary principle of the universe. The material world, on the other hand, was a place fragmented and constantly changing. This changing aspect of the universe came to be called samsara.

The Hindus long before this had integrated the concept of reincarnation into their religion. Reincarnation is speculate about "death and rebirth" or a death in the afterlife that returns one to life. This concept in which all action is seen as the result of previous action and the cause of future action, were produced as the meaning of samsara as "reincarnation based on past actions." Karma not only determined in what form or what caste one was reborn into, it also made reincarnation necessary. All your actions must produce some action in the future; the only way this can happen for all your actions is if you have lives in the future.


The Hinduism has got many gods.

Brahma is the God of Creation
Vishnu is the God of Maintenance
Shiva is the God of Destruction
Saraswathi is the Goddess of Wisdom - Consort of God Brahma
Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth - Consort of Lord Vishnu
Parvathi is the Goddess Sakthi - Consort of Lord Shiva
Ganesha is the Son of Shiva & Parvathi

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