Football one of the best sports in the world!

Football has a lot of nice things like

  • Have you ever seen something better than a perfect volley?
  • Something better than a fabulous strike?
  • Better than a perfect header?

In Holland Football is the most popular sport!
We have a few good football clubs like Ajax, Psv and Az.

We also have a few bad footballclubs like Feyenoord and .
Ado Den Haag.

I would like to give a short presentation on Ajax.
When you look to the its the best footballclub of the Netherlands and one of the best from the world.
Ajax is also a footballclub with a big history.
They won the World cup 2 times, European Super Cup 3 times, UEFA Cup 1 time, European Cup winners’ Cup 1 time, European Champions Cup/Champions League 3 times, Dutch Super Cup 6 times, Intertoto 1 time, National Cup winners 16 times, Divisional champions First Class 17 times and the National champions 29 times.
This are all the trophies Ajax has, a lot isn't it?

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