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This page is made for the people who are interested in extreme sports
and who like to do extreme sports in Hungary.

Below, you'll will find a list with some information about extreme sports
in Hungary. The most popular extreme sports in Hungary are hiking,
biking, rock climbing and gliding.

In the spotlight


Biking is a very popular sport in almost every country. So also in
Hungary. The high mountains and hills make Hungary the
perfect place to have a bike adventure. If you are interested in
biking in Hungary then click on the link below and you will get
some information and a schedule for a bike tour in Hungary.


Rock Climbing

If it's your dream to climb routes on snow-white rockfaces on the
top of hills covered by beech forest and enjoy the magnificant
view from the peak, then it's time to come to Hungary! Here you
can find lots of routes from the easiest to the extremely difficult.
Many need great strength, endurance and technique. Lots of
recently discovered areas provide exciting opportunities to open
new routes. Friendly people, pretty girls…. What more do you need
to persuade you? If you are interested click on the link below and
you will get some information, climb routes and a schedule for a
climbing tour.

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