Exchange With England

English exchange

We first went to England. To the Kings Langley school. We had loads of traffic jams, so the normal time we had to arrive, became later. We took our bags out of the bus and walked to the great hall in the school. I did not see Sophie (my exchange partner) yet, but Jayshri said : 'look that girl with the skirt is Sophie'. I looked and saw her too. At least I knew where and who Sophie was in real. We went into the hall, listened to a speech, got a card with your name and went to our host families. Sophie was really excited and me too. I met her family and they were all really nice. Sophies family resisted of:

  • Sophies mother
  • Sophies father
  • Sophies brother, Oliver
  • Sophies brother, Jamie
  • And of course Sophie herself

The time that the father was home, the little brother was already laying in his bed. So I decided to give the presents the day after, so everybody of the family would be there. We went to bed and talked a long time, but I was pretty tired so we went to sleep.

We woke up and had breakfast, And the first day was immediately the day we had three lessons. We had three stupid lessons. The lessons were :

  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Biology

The Technology lesson was really nice. The teacher asked lots of things about Holland and the history, and he told about other exchanges and the history of England. He was very interested. Then we made something I did not really know what it was, and I still do not know it, but I drew something for Sophie on a piece of wood. The Mathematics lesson was not that nice, because the teacher did not even asked our names or asked something. After the lessons Technology and Mathematics we had a break. Of course was everybody interested and surrounded us. Everybody tryed to talk to us, because everybody from the school in England thought it was an honor if someone from Holland talked to you.Then we had Biology. It was kind of the same with Mathematics, but worse.The teacher was really grumpy, looked like she was dead, and could not bring the afford to get a tissue, because she had a cold, and was sniffing constant. When the lessons were finished we went walking to Phasels Wood. The trip was quite far and we walked between cows and farmland were people growed crops. We had to orientate to get to Phasels Wood, and everybody had to do that and we were too. Only I did not understand that much of it, so Sophie did most of the work. But I do not think she minded. Because she is reallly kind. Than we walked into the woods and we had a big break, and eat something. After the break we walked on and Jack putted his shoes of and walked on his socks. That was kind of weird but it was quite funny too. Then we arrived at Phasels Wood. We first had to find letters and numbers, on trees or anywhere else. When we had to hand in the paper were all the letters and numbers were on.we should go to abseiling and climbing. But the people over there did not write it down well and they thought we were doing that on Wednesday. So they had to think of something else, and we went pedal carting, we did something with a go-kart and had to sit in it and race from a hill, and we did some kind of adventure trail. Afterwards we walked back to the Kings Langley School and the host families picked us up. That afternoon we went to Gemmas house and jumped on the trampoline. When we were at home again I gave the presents to the family. I gave Speculaas, Stroopwafels, and two bracelets to Sophie. We went to Gemmas house again and jumped for a while and then go to sleep.

Wednesday was really nice. We first went to the school to let the teacher see we were present. After that we waited for the bus and drove to London.

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