Exchange England Josje

From the 4th of June till the 8th of June we had this exchange with the English people. A few weeks ago we went to England by boat and by coach and now they came to us by the same way.

On monday the English arrived at half five, which was much later than planned. We got a small speach from miss. van Puijenbroek and something to drink before we could go home and show our guests our house and environment. My two guests installed themselves in my room and than we walked to the zegerplas to buy an ice-cream and show them our pancake-house and park which are situated near my house. After that we had dinner and because it was already late we went to sleep.
Tuesday we had to wake up early, to be at school at a quarter to eight. We had to be that early because we had to drive all the way to Zealand to visit Neeltje Jans. There we watched a film about the delta-works which was so boring that some teachers, including mister van Es, felt asleep. After that we had an hour to walk around in the deltapark before we got a guided tour about the stormvloedkering. After this boring guided tour we had about two hours to swim in the sea, fool around, play in the waterpark etc. At 16:15 we all came together to leave the deltapark and be home at 18:45.
Wednesday we didn't had to wake up that early, because we were going to Amsterdam. We first went by coach to visit the Van Gogh museum, where we got another guided tour with some little games in it. After we saw some of Van Gogh's paintings we left to walk to the Vondel park, where we had lunch. When everyone finished their lunch we walked to the place where our boat for the canal trip left. The canal trip was guided too. Than we walked to the Anne Frank house, which we all found rather nice and interesting. We left Amsterdam at 17:45 to be at school at 18:45.
Thursday was a fun day. We first followed a regular school lesson (Maths or Science) together with our exchange students. Afterwards we all got into the coach and drove to kaasboerderij Verhaar in Nieuwkoop to poldersport. Everyone changed into their old clothes and we were split up into groups. We did some activities from which you got very wet and dirty, but everyone thought it was fun. Than we could take a shower and change into our normal clothes again, to have lunch and get into to coach to go back school. We had an afternoon off to do some shoppings or do whatever you like. In the evening we had a party together with 2R and the Hungarian people. When the parents came at half 10, miss van Puijenbroek gave us a little speech and a quiz for the hungarian and english teachers and than we could go home. Everyone was very tired.
Friday, today, the English are driving back to England again. It was a very emotional goodbye and a lot of girls had to cry. I don't think we'll see them again. But the exchange was quite fun..

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