Exchange England Isabelle

During the week of 4 u/i 8 june, the British exchange students from Kings Langey came to visit Holland. A few weeks earlier we went to England, and now it was their turn to visit us.


The first three hours of that day we had to follw classes as every day.
Then, during the 4th and 5th hours, we prepared for their arrival by making posters and garlands.
We then decorated the cafeteria during the break.
The English students where suppossed to arrive somewhere around 3:30 PM. So It was planned tha we had to wait for them, being free to go home in the mean time.
But the bus had a huge delay, and didn't arrive until half past six, making it three hours late.
A short speech was held, and everyone got a drink by means of welcome.
The exchange studetns where all exhausted and drowzy from their long bus trip.

Nog niet af :P

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