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June 4th, after a school day which felt like 10 school days the bus off the Kings Langley school is finally arriving. The last time we saw the English kids was 6 weeks ago! It's very nice to see our English friends again!
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June 5th, we have to get up very early because the bus is leaving at 8 o' clock! Everyone is on time and so we're of to Neeltje Jans in Zeeland. After a ride of 3 hours we arive at Neeltje Jans, we're allowed to go into the park in little groups and do all kinds of nice stuff. There was a Waterslide, a whale exposition, a hurricane simulator, and some seals. But those things were not what the park really is about. We were actually there because of the Delta works. There was a huge dam, the dam is needed to stop the seewater when it gets to high. If the water would become to high, half of Holland would overflow.

June 6th, Today we can stay in bed a little longer. Today we're going to go to Amsterdam! First we visit the van Gogh museum. We get a very nice tour though the museum, so it wasn't boring at all. After the van Gogh museum we went to the Vondelpark to have lunch. The weather was great and after the picknick we were going to the boat to make a nice canal trip. It was a nice trip ans we saw a lot of canals and old houses. We also went to the Anne Frank house, Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam during the second world war. The Anne Frank house was very interesting and shocking too!


June 7th, POLDERSPORT! Thta was the day that we got very very dirty… We went to Nieuwkoop by bus to go to the Poldersport. We took our old clothes, swimming costumes and towels because the we(the dutch students) knew what was going to happen. When we had changed out clother we went into the fields and jumped over ditches and swam in the dirty water. At first the English people were a bit scared but when all the dutch students started to get dirty the English students jumped into the water too! After the games we very really dirty and we stank like ditches… We really had to take a nice shower! We were very tiered after the long and active day! We had an afternoon of and some people went to the city centre and other went to the minigolf. I can tell you that the minigolf was a lot of fun! In the evening there was a party at the Diamantstraat. We all danced a lot and even the teachers danced!!! That was very funny!!!

June 8th, get

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