The second year TVWO, that means an exchange. This year we went to England. The school we exchanged with is called The King Langley School in Kings Langley. We got this contact, because the mother of mrs. Snow works there. At first I'll tell something about our trip to England.

6.45: Meeting at school
7.00: Leave school
Then we went by bus to Calais, were we would catch the boat to England.
When we arrived, we went by bus to Kings Langley. There all the children and parents were waiting.
Then we went to the host families.

First we had 3 lessons on the school. The English student were very happy, because the didn't have to wear there uniform. After that we had to walk a long way to Phasel's Wood. There was a short way, but the "nice" teachers thought it would be nice to walk for like 3 hours. the planning was abseiling, but Phasel's Wood thought it would be on Wednesday so we couldn't go abseiling. In stead of that we were did some other things. Then we went to the host families again.

We went to London by bus. To the museum, to Downing Street 10 and to Covent Garden. In Covent Garden we could shop for like one and a half hour.

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