English Students In Holland

As you people probably already knew we where having an exchange with England.
We have been to England. But they have been to Holland as well.
We did lots of fun stuff.

We had 2 normal lessons, then we made posters.
At half past 5 the English students finally arrived.
We went home and spented the night with our English exchange partners.

We had to be at school at a quarter to eight. We were all sleeping in the bus, which was driving us
to Neeltje Jans in Zeeland. When we arrived we watch a film. It was so boring that even mister Van Es fel asleep. Than we had a guided tour and after that we could walk around ourselves.
We were back at 7 o'clock and went home.

We had to be at school at half past nine. We went to Amsterdam, which was lots of fun !
First we had to walk to the Vincent van Gogh museum. We had a guided tour which was boring.
Than we went to the vondelpark and eat our lunch. After lunch we had 1 hour shopping time, and we saw someone from TMF which came and intervieuwed us. Than we went to the Anne Frank house, which was interesting. Than we went home again.

We had to be at school at 9 o'clock. We went poldersporting with 2r and the Hongarians. It was lots of fun! We got really dirty and really wet. We had the afternoon off and went shopping ! That night we had a party with 2R and the Hongarians. It was lots of fun. That evening there was a quiz for the teachers and a thank you for the parents.

We had to be at school at 8 o'clock. The English people went home, everybody was crying and it was very sad. But we made a promisse, we would defentily meet up again !

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