Exchange with England


On the 23th of April we went to England. We had an exchange with a school named Kings Langley. When we came there, the students were all standing there. I waved to my exchange student, Gemma, but she did not see me, so she just waved somewhere. Then we went with our exchange students to their home.

The next day we had 3 lessons:

  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Biology

Technology was really fun. The teacher was making jokes all the time. Mathematics was kind of boring, we had to solve equations, I did not get anything of it. In front of me there was a boy, and he helped me. The Biology teacher was very grumpy. She was screaming all the time. I sat in front next to Gemma, it was not a nice lesson.
Then we went to Phasels Wood. We had to walk a long time before we got there. We walked about 2 hours across the countryside. We actually had to go climbing, but for a strange reason it was booked for the next day.

On wednesday we went to London. We went to the science museum, which was all about medicines and the human body. Then we went SHOPPING!! We went home at 6 o'clock.

On thursday we went to Whipsnade Zoo. We saw a kangaroo, it was white. We saw a lot of other animals, and it was really fun. We were split up into groups, A, B, C, D. Mr. van Es was really happy, because he had group A. He was screaming all the time, ‘Come on A team, We can do it!!’ We went to all kinds of animals, like Gorillas, Rhinos, Kangaroos, brown bears and loads more. The day would become really nice because the sun was shining, and it was quite warm. But later it was raining and pretty cold. It was windy. We almost got blown away. The Zoo was really big, but at a moment, right after the break all the groups were together and some people got lost. Everybody’s legs were really tired. Because of all the walking from one animal to another and chasing Maras and Wallabies. There were animals walking around free. That’s why we have lots of photos of Maras and Wallabies.

On friday we had to go home. Lots of people were crying. Then we went to the Ferry with the bus. It was a bit stormy so we became a bit sick. We took strange pictures because we were bored, and it was to cold to go outside. Then we went with the bus to home. We got stuck in a traffic jam, so we were home at 9.30.


On the 4th of June, the English came to Holland. We had first 2 lessons and then we had 2 lessons to make posters and stuff to make the great hall look nice. The English were suppost to be there at 4 o'clock pm, but they got stuck in a traffic jam, so we had to wait until 6 o'clock. Then we took the student home.

On tuesday we went to Neeltje Jans. We first watched a movie about how Neeltje Jans started. It was a boring film, because even Mr. van Es fell asleep. Then we could walk around the park, and do whatever we wanted. At 1 o'clock we had to be back, because someone was going to guide us through the park. Then we had 2 hours to walk around the park. At 4 o'clock we went home.

On wednesday we went to Amsterdam. We went to ''het van Gogh'' museum. We had a fun guide. He was making jokes and made from almost everything a game. After that we had a canal trip. It was kind of boring. Then we had time to go SHOPPING. It was a hot day so we were happy we could finally go home.

On thursday we had a lesson. Mathematics or Physics. After the lesson we went Poldersporting. We had lots of fun, and became very dirty. We made Mr. van Es dirty by throwing mud on him. It was in his face and everywhere. We had a nice day. That evening we had a party. It was very nice.

On friday they had to go home. It was a nice week, but we wanted them to stay for another week. We had lots of fun together.

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