Dink Tourists

What are dink tourists???

DINK stands for 'Dual Income, No Kids'

Dink tourists are tourists who have a double income, which means that they earn more
money than a usual person does. Dink tourist don't have children, which gives them more time and more money for luxeries. This means that dink tourists often have an other style of life than the regular tourists. A dink tourist often spends more more money when he/she is on holiday, dink tourists also like to visit other places than normal tourists do. These places include for instance a casino, a sauna etc. This is also because they don't have to go to places that children like, children often like to go to the beach or a swimming pool. Older people and parents often like to relax all holiday and read a book for instance.



If this is you, you should better read on!!!

Hungary has different spots for different kinds of tourists, for instance for tourists with children there are campings with pools. For older people there are Hotels with special activities. But what will Hungary provide for you, as a Dink tourist?


This is one of the many casinos in Hungary, this is a nice place to go in the evening. This casino organises all kinds of special parties. You can even celebrate your birthday here if you pay enough. A lot of famous people come here every year. It is home to big gamblers but also to the normal spenders. This is why there are such a lot people visiting. You can also book a hotelroom there, with this you get a dinner every evening and breakfast in the morning. But of course all of this has a price, so the rooms are only there

Overall week planning

Here you can an example week planning for Dink tourists. There are some examples of nice places to visit in Hungary, but also places where you can stay. Of course you can make up your own planning, but maybe there are some nice ideas in this.



This is a hall of a hotel which is located in the middle of Budapest. A lot of people think that the hotels in Budapest are old-fashion, but this picture shows they aren't. In Budapest there are a lot of hotels which are even newer and better than the hotels over here.

Underneath you can see our week planning

Overall week planning

Here are some examples of things you could do if you are a DINK tourist.

- Arrival at Budapest
- Discover the city
- Visit ancient places
- Eat at a nice restaurant

- Sleep in
- Hire a car and take a tour
- Go for a walk through the mountains
- Swim in a swimming pool

- Take a bath in a jacuzzi
- Go for a massage
- Visit some small villages

- Relax
- Buy souvenirs
- Take a bus for a tour through the most attractive places of Budapest

- Arrival at Schiphol

Total costs

Flight to Budapest and back - €200
Hiring a car - €75
Jacuzzi - €15
Massage - €40
Restaurants - €100
Bus trip - €30

Breakfast and dinner inside hotel is refunded


Contact Lucski or Jeroenski.

Have fun!

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