Comparison Of 3 Well Known Religions

On this page we will compare 3 well-known religions: Christianity, the Islam and the Judaism. We will give information of these religions which contains a few headings :

  • Who the founder of the religion was
  • How old the religion is
  • Countries where it is popular
  • Status of women
  • Places of worship
  • Number of followers
  • How the religion influences their lives e.g food, marriage, restrictions
  • Main celebrations/holy days
  • If it has a Holy Book
  • Important people and if it has gods
  • After life
  • Symbols
  • and any other extra interesting information


Christianity is a religion which exists already for a long time, it has many followers and everybody knows it. The founder of Christianity is the Apostle Paul, and not Jesus Christ.
He extended the religion by making many journeys. as you can see on the map:


Christianity exists already for 6000 years, which is much more than some people think, who think that Jesus Christ found the religion. Where does the old testament comes from? Where are Adam and Eva? How is the earth shaped? Thats all in the old testament BEFORE Jesus. Jesus was the messager of God (and son) he told stories from the old testament that God shaped earth! People started to believe that and the Christianity now allready has 2.1 billion followers. Christianity is followed in almost the entire world, specially by Europe and America. In Christianity all people are equal men and women have the same rights. Christianity has a lot of places of worship like the Vatican, Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostella and Bethlehem. Churches, cathedrals and chapels are very important in the religion of Christianity. They represent the house of God, and mostly there are nice statues and paintings of jesus in it.


( churches are mostly big, so it is close to god. And most of the time there is the cross of Jesus Christ on it ).
The religion doesn't affect their lives they don't have special food or marriages, they only have to go to the church on sundays. They have a lot of celebrations in order here are the most important ones; Easter, than they celebrate that Jesus took all our sins, Christmas, than they celebrate Jesus is born. Off course the Christianity has a holy book; the Bible. In the Bible you have an old and new testament; in the old testament the story tells that God shaped earth and about Adam and Eva, Abraham and Mozes, in the new Jesus is born and it tells about his live and after his live. Chrisrianity has one God andthe son of God which is named Jesus Christ which tells stories about how good God is. The Bible says that when you were a good man you would go to heaven(to God) and when you were a bad man you would go to hell(to the Devil). Christianity has one special symbol: the cross of Jesus Christ, it is the sign that Jesus got crossed.
Rinus and Quinten

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