Blood Cells

Where are your cells made?
They are all made in your bone marrow.

What’s the lifespan of the cell?
Red blood cell : about a 120 days
White blood cell : hours to days
Platelets : 7 – 10 days

Do or don’t they have a nucleus?
Red blood cell : They have haemoglobin instead of
a nucleus.
White blood cell : they do have a nucleus.
Platelets : The don’t have a nucleus.

What’s the main function of the cell?
Red blood cell : supply the body with oxygen by carrying it around in the blood, taking it to the body parts.
White blood cell :
* Phagocyte : follow, digest and kill the germs in your body.
* Lymphocyte : attack, make them stick together, dissolve and destroy toxins.
Platelets : causes blood to cloth and keep wounds clean.

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