Active Holiday For 50

Tourist tour for 50+ active,
For elderly people who want to do active things.

This is a 10 days tour for active elderly people.
The things that are mentioned to be (Possible) can be done, on your own choice. It is included in the total price.

Day 1: Morning: Flight to Hungary
Afternoon: Arrive on airport and trip to Hotel
Evening: Free, possible to go to Pubs.

Day 2: Morning: (Possible) City walk and visit to the Hungarian National Museum
Afternoon: Bike trip through city.
Evening: Free

Day 3: Morning: Bus trip to Siófok, close to Lake Balaton.
Afternoon/Evening: Free, Eating on own costs in restaurant of choice.

Day 4: Morning: (Possible) Canoe LESSONS.
Afternoon: Canoeing on Lake Balaton
Evening: (Possible) Nightly boat trip along part of coast of the lake.

Day 5: Morning: Bus trip to Zirc.
Afternoon: Short Mountain bike trip through forest.
Evening: Short evening walk through forest.

Day 6: Morning: Free
Afternoon: Long Hike through forest
Evening: Free


Day 7: Morning/Afternoon: Bus trip to Miskolc
Evening: Free

Day 8: Morning/Afternoon: Hiking trip in Northern Medium Mountains 12km from miskolc
Evening: Free

Day 9: Morning: (Possible) Small walk in Mountains
Afternoon: Bus trip to Budapest.
Evening: Free, (Possible) trip to Casino

Day 10: Morning: Trip to Airport
Afternoon: Flight back to the Netherlands

The Northern Medium Mountains
Lake Balaton

Something about the people,

The people in Hungary are very kind and they are not very rich, that's why the prices in Hungary are low. The people can't speak english very well (almost nobody speaks english). The people are always wanting to help you and they really eat much so if you go to a restaurant you get much to eat. The people mostly have a single floor house with some rooms and no locks on the toiletdoors!


  • Prices are per room per night!

3 Star Hotel, Budapest:
Fortuna Boat Hotel
€ 53 Per single room
€ 58 Per double room
€ 78 Per triple room

4 Star Hotel, Siófok
Wellness Hotel Panorama
€ 59-70 Per single room
€ 78-87 Per double room
(Prices change in the middle of the summer high season)

4 Star Hotel, Zirc
Szarvaskút Hotel
€ 50 Per single room
€ 79 Per double room

3 Star Hotel, Miskolc
Oreg Miskolc Hotel
€ 63 Per single room
€ 84 Per double room
€ 108 Per triple room

Hotel, Budapest:
We stay in the same hotel as the first nights, the Fortuna Boat Hotel.

Why should you go on our tour?????

Because our trip is cheap, and most evenings are free, so you can do things you want to do.


Climate graph, The blue line represents the rainfall, and the bars represent the temperature


The best time to go is in the summer, because as you can see in the summer the temperatures are much higher than in the winter.
The rain is about the same the whole year around.
We think that the best time of the year is the summer.

Total Prices

The prices are based on the high season, in the summer.

  • For 1 person about €850, including flight, hotels, group diners and other things.
  • For 2 people about €1250, including flight, hotels, group diners and other things.

(Flight is about 200 euros per person)

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