A Regular Day In Holland

flag_holland.gifA normal schoolday in Holland. What is it like? What kind of stuff do they do all day. Is it different from a English school day? Well this is THE PAGE to find that out! flag_holland.gif

tsg_smiley_sun.gifThe Morningtsg_smiley_sun.gif

7.00 Wakey wakey rise and shine, have your breakfast on time!
7.15 Breakfast
7.45 Going to school


8.20 The school starts. We have 5 to 8 hours school per day. The hours on this school are 50 minutes, with every new hour we swap classroom, teacher and subject! For more info click here: Scala site!

We have several subjects.

- Nederlands (Dutch)
- Frans (French)
- Duits (German)
- Engels (English)
- Geschiedenis (History)
- Aardrijkskunde (Geography)
- Wiskunde (Mathematics)
- Natuur Scheikunde (Physics)
- Beeldende vorming (Art and design)
- Drama (Drama)

Then we cycle home or go to the city centre first! Information about the city centre can be found here

Most dutch people eat around 6 o' clock. Potatoes and vegetables with meat!


And now for you what people think of Alphen aan den Rijn:

Karin: It's a calm village in the grasslands.
Micha: I think it's very small
Joost: It's a cool place but I wouldn't like to live there, way too busy!
Jeroen: Nice village.
Nienke: Nice and cozy
Mike: Great city!
Deborah: A cozy village
Quinten: A lot of possibilities (?) but not that cozy (he lives somewhere else)
Diederik: Small, but it has lots of shops and recreation. (he just wants to look smart) (and he's gay)
Ilse: Lovely shops!

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